That was the forest, this is now

I went out in the woods for a week on a retreat at the Spring Creek Project’s Shotpouch Cabin and good things happened while I was gone. For one thing, Issue 12 of Requited came out and some Antarctica poems of mine are in there alongside some wild amazing stuff like this:

For another, the Small Press Database is still kicking hard at Entropy, and we published interviews from Ugly Duckling Presse and Caketrain (an amazing piece written entirely in excerpts from their authors’ writing), the 29th and 30th additions to the series.

I also discovered sea anemones.

Two small miracles

Three new poems from this series I’ve been working on called “Where is the Love Space?” came out in ‘Pider III today, a repository of much happy weirdness including this piece of art by L.E. Doughtie, which who knows how it was made but it’s way cool:

Also a conversation with Carolyn Zaikowski about Buddhism, meditation, writing, and life in general came out on Entropy this morning. It was a major delight to talk with Carolyn and I’m real proud of what we came up with. Here’s a photo you get to see on there, of me being in the mountains in Nepal:

Some cool stuff I’ve been a part of recently

Pardon my distance from the blog. In the past few weeks I’ve had the luck to contribute to a few different articles and posts on Entropy, where a lot has been brewing recently.

Today: “On Longform Narrative Poetry, and the Question of the Modern Epic.”

Last Sunday: a list of what we’re all reading over there.

The Sunday before that: on how the hell to cope.

Plus, in honor of the impending end of HTMLGIANT, treat yourself to this link to all of the book reviews I wrote for them in the last year or two.

Go Royals?