Essays, Poems, Stories


“After the Window” in The Southern Review, Winter 2019

“The Last Remedy” in Witness, Spring 2018

“Real Creek: A Week at Shotpouch Cabin” in Seneca Review, Spring 2017

“Notes from Malta,” a series, in Entropy, Fall 2015-Summer 2016

“Further Research on the Role of Human Tears” in The Fanzine, Spring 2015

“A Series of Sketches of Things Happening on Jalan Legian in Kuta Beach, Bali on Thursday, September 8, 2011″ in DIAGRAM, anthologized in The &NOW Awards 3


from Untils (Ocean)

“Transmission” in The New York Times, Summer 2019

“Untils” in Diode Poetry Journal, Summer 2019

from Poems About Moss

“Gymnostomum recurvirostrum” and others in  Reality Beach, Spring 2019

“Peltigera britannica” and others in Yalobusha Review, Summer 2017

“Eurhynchium oreganum” in Reality Hands, Spring 2017

“Campylium stellatum” and others in Fog Machine, Spring 2017

“Conocephalum conicum” and others in ICHNOS, Winter 2016

“Anomodon minor” in Cloud Rodeo, Fall 2016

from In the Antarctic Circle

“70°5′S 65°40′E” and others in Heavy Feather Review, April 2017

“72°3′S 102°20′W” and others in Territory, March 2017

“74°50′S 132°0′W” and “65°16′S 103°6′E” in Wildness, June 2016

“67°31′S 61°37′E,” “74°15′S 125°0′W,” and “66°15′S 121°30′E” in Passages North, March 2016

“71°35′S 0°30′E” and “66°12′S 136°11′E” in Quarterly West, Fall 2015

“67°28′S 61°41′E” in LEVELER, August 2015

“67°30′S 53°0′E” and others in Prelude, July 2015

“Snow: A Definition” in Poor Claudia, June 2015

“69°45′S 71°0′E” in Juked, Spring 2015

“62°57’S 60°38’W” and “68°35′S 77°58′E” in Phantom Emerging Poets Issue, April 2015

“69°45’S 39°5’E” and others in Requited, March 2015

“77°8′S 154°0′W” and others in elsewhere, February 2015

“67°55′S 44°38′E” and others in Birdfeast, February 2015


“There’s a Kid Everywhere” in The Florida Review, Spring 2019

“The Beginning” in Ninth Letter, Winter 2019

“The Rolodex Happenings” (excerpt) in Sleepingfish, October 2017

“Retreat,” “Pilgrimage,” “My Family Abroad,” and “Myself” in Five Points, Fall 2016

“What I Lost” in Sonora Review, Fall 2016

“The Rolodex Happenings” (excerpt), Tammy, Fall 2016

“DNR” in Crazyhorse, Spring 2015

“The Rolodex Happenings” (excerpt) in New Delta Review, May 2016

“Empire,” “The Plan,” and “Out Hunting” in The Collagist, January 2016

“Tsurezuregusa” (excerpt) in Tarpaulin Sky, June 2015

“Notes from the Gillwood” in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Spring/Summer 2015

“Laying on of Hands” in Indiana Review, Winter 2014

“Deer” in Fiction Southeast, Spring 2013

“Another Nonprofit” in Juked, March 2013

“The DMZ” in PANK, September 2012


Review of Irradiated Cities by Mariko Nagai in Newfound, Spring 2018

Review of On Family Resemblance: An Anthology and Exploration of 8 Hybrid Literary Genres, edited by Marcela Sulak and Jacqueline Kolosov, in The Volta, Spring 2016

Review of Sped by Teresa K. Miller in Tarpaulin Sky, November 2013

A number of additional reviews, most written between 2013 and 2015, in Entropy and HTMLGIANT