Poems About Moss

Poems About Moss is: 1) poems named after moss; 2) collages named after moss; 3) an essay that grows and grows. It arrives from Radioactive Cloud in Fall 2018.

In the meantime, read excerpts in Cloud RodeoFog MachineICHNOSReality Hands, and Yalobusha Review.


THREATS (the chapbook of poems) is based on THREATS (the novel) by Amelia Gray. In 24 poems, THREATS (the chapbook) threatens you, but it doesn’t mean it. Well, it kind of means it.


Read four poems from THREATS here. You can no longer get the chapbook from the publisher, but you can see how to get one here.

What They Took Away

“Dennis James Sweeney’s What They Took Away is an epic apocalypse of the minutiae, an apocalypse of life stripped of tedium, of obtrusiveness. Sweeney’s magical miniature world showcases the terror of erasure and the wreckage of return. This is a book of oracular providence.”

Lily Hoang

Buy What They Took Away from CutBank Books here and find a review at The Volta.