Janice Lee asked for poems for the end of the world on Enclave, and I wrote this one.

It’s a wonderful and optimistic and insane project. Here’s the original call for submissions:

A call for submissions. All poems submitted will be included. Because one yet wants to believe that poetry can still be about the catastrophe and beauty of one’s own heart, and the generous giving away of those words to another.

If the world were to end next week, what is the final poem you write, the final poem you give away generously, treacherously, genuinely, fearfully, necessarily, beautifully?

That tomorrow it may very well all end, and we would know to bear the pain as the day rose and broke.

That the present is undying yet death awaits us all.

That words can still connect and touch, that we still know how to offer to others a piece of our soul.

That space yet expands and we know when to keep breathing and when to stop.

That poetry can yet be given and received, from one human being to another.