Sean Lovelace, wrestling and more

Brand new today: I had the fortune to interview flash fiction artist and surprisingly fast marathoner Sean Lovelace for Entropy magazine. A really nice guy with some highly interesting things to say about mind-body. Here’s an excerpt:

Writing is like chess. If you play enough chess seriously enough, you will lose your mind. UNLESS after the chess, you go saw at a stump out back or do too many pushups or have sex, etc.

Also on the docket in the last few weeks have been this send-up of the much talked-about MFA vs. NYC for HTMLGiant, including highly retouched wrestling photos


—and this funky chart + article about not owning books when I was traveling in southeast Asia and India, where you can check the (d)evolution of my taste between the summers of 2011 and 2012.

Thanks for tuning in, folks.