What They Took Away out now

Big news on the webs today: What They Took Away, my chapbook, and winner of the 2013 CutBank Chapbook Contest, is now available to buy on the CutBank website!

It’s been delightful working with the people at CutBank and they’ve made the manuscript into a really beautiful thing, complete with a cover-sketch by French symbolist painter Odilon Redon and a blurb by the coolest writer ever, Lily Hoang. She says:

“Dennis James Sweeney’s What They Took Away is an epic apocalypse of the minutiae, an apocalypse of life stripped of tedium, of obtrusiveness. Sweeney’s magical miniature world showcases the terror of erasure and the wreckage of return. This is a book of oracular providence.”

Thanks, Lily! Buy a copy of the book here or wait until AWP in Seattle, where it’ll be available at the CutBank booth.