Unstuck, Amelia Gray, and Wigleaf

I am a very happy man today, and that is because Unstuck literary annual just announced the winners of their flash fiction contest, judged by Amelia Gray, and one of them is this guy (you know, the one with the thumbs). The issue is going to be incredible: featuring shorts from people like Amelia Gray and Michael Martone, stories from people like Rick Moody and Patrick Somerville, and some really kick-ass poems. Like I said, a humongous honor. The issue will be available next month and at your friendly neighborhood AWP.

Also, the good folks at Wigleaf were kind enough to publish a short-short of mine today, a re-imagining of the perpetual Coyote/Roadrunner saga. Check out “Coyote, Coyote” and my attempt at Wigleaf‘s super-cool feature, the—ah—literary postcard.