We are all stupid but we are doing the best we can

Still, he said, I’d like to have your money. No you wouldn’t, she said. It’s awful being rich. This she knew was a lie, it was great to be rich. She only said the opposite to impress him.

He said that if she knew how hungry people were in the city, she would never say such a thing. Even soup kitchens don’t have any food. She should see them for herself. She blushed with shame. To be insensitive to him and his plight was not what she had wanted for this accidental meeting she had begged the gods to give her. It’s okay, our thoughts are mediated by ideological state apparatuses, he said, quoting Jane again. By the way, he had never seen a soup kitchen, and he didn’t know what ideological state apparatuses were, either. He could hardly pronounce them.

Adam Novy, The Avian Gospels, Volume 1, from the makers of Hobart.